shared with Active directory user

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i already integrated office 365 apps with smartsheet. i have question - can i share file with active directory user ?

right now , for sharing content, i have to add that person on sheet. i need active directory integration with smartsheet so i dont have to add manually on sheet.



  • Lee Joramo
    Lee Joramo ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    We have SmartSheet integrated with our on-site AD server. It works very well.

    We do still need to share sheets individually. At this time there is no ability share sheets to AD groups. If you have a SmartSheet sales/support contact, I would talk to them about your needs.

  • jsmith84981

    Are you able to expand upon "we have Smartsheet integrated with our on-site AD server"?  Exactly how do you have it integrated?