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I have a detailed question so please bear with me:

I currently have the following formula that works at the moment:

=IF(AND(ISTEXT([OPEN ISSUES]11), [STATUS 3]11 = "Closed"), "", IF(AND(ISTEXT([OPEN ISSUES]11), [STATUS 3]11 = "Open"), "Open Issue", IF(AND(ISTEXT([OPEN ISSUES]11), [STATUS 3]11 = "Pending"), "Open Issue", "")))


I now have to somehow change the status from "3" to "1-5".  Also, the total number will change from sheet to sheet (i.e. 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-7, etc.).  I'm trying to determine if I should insert an additional column that would total the number of columns and then feed the above formula or have a different approach all together.  I attempted to attach the actual spreadsheet and provide a more in-depth description of what I was trying to do.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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    First of all, your if statement can be simplified quite drastically. On your if statements, if you find yourself repeating criteria or returns your statement can almost always be simplified.

    =if(istext([Open Issues]11),if([Status3]11 = "Closed","",if(or([Status3]11 = "Open", [Status3]11 = "Pending"),"Open Issue")))

    In smartsheet, if you change the column name, the formulas will update themselves. If I am understanding your problem correctly, I would tackle this by naming the status columns on each sheet status3, pasting this formula, then updating the column name to the correct one so the formula references the correct column. 

    I think the attached spreadsheet you mentioned failed to attach as I don't see anything. if you want you can take a snip of it which is easier to attach, or you can publish the smartsheet and share it that way.

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    Thank you for the reply.  I've attempted to past a link above and I have attached a snip of it as well.  Here is what I am trying to do:

    1.  When there is text in the open issues column

    2. The Active Open Issues Column will populate "Open Issue" that allows me to calculate a formula at the bottom which eventually feeds graphs on a dashboard

    3. "Open Issue" only populates when the status column (1-4) is open or pending; if they are closed or na, the open issue remains but the active open issue will become blank.


    I had it working with just 1 status column, but I need it to work if I have 2 or even up to 6 status columns, all depending on the status (open,closed,pending,na).


    Thank you very much for your assistance.





    Smartsheet Test Page.JPG

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    your publish link is unpublished, but I think I can work without it. Give this a try.


    =IF(AND(ISTEXT([Open Issues]3), COUNT(COLLECT([Status1]3:[Status4]3, [Status1]3:[Status4]3, OR(@cell = "Open", @cell = "Pending"))) > 0), "Open Issues")

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