Nested IF with dates

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I'm new to smartsheets and looking for some help with the nesting of IF commands so that I can advance a date based on the last date a review was carried out. So IF the "frequency of review" is any of "3 yearly, 2 Yearly, Annually, etc..", then take the "last review date" and add the appropriate number of days.

I can get the formula to work for only one of the if statements but not any additional ones - I get an "unparseable" error. 

This works:

=IF([Frequency of review]5 = "3 Yearly", [Last Review (date format)]5 + 1096)

But this doesn't:

=IF([Frequency of review]5 = "3 Yearly", [Last Review (date format)]5 + 1096), IF([Frequency of review]5 = "2 Yearly", [Last Review (date format)]5 + 731), IF([Frequency of review]5 = "Annually", [Last Review (date format)]5 + 366),IF([Frequency of review]5 = "Bi-Annually", [Last Review (date format)]5 + 183)

Any help greatly appreciated.