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How do I Export a Smartsheet to edit and add items and then Import it back into Smartsheet without creating a new Smartsheet?


  • Mike L.
    Mike L. ✭✭✭
    edited 04/10/19

    This is a very basic low tech workaround. But it works for my needs (see notes below). I hope someone else can suggest something better for you. 

    1) export (Sheet1) to excel

    2) make changes then import edited excel file into smartsheet (Sheet2)

    3) Open the original file (Sheet1) and delete all rows (save a copy first)

    4) Copy all rows from Sheet2 into Sheet1. 

    5) delete Sheet2

    I assume you have references elsewhere to the original (Sheet1).  This will only work if your (Sheet1) doesn't have formulas, attachments, comments or any other cell history that you wish to preserve.  I only do this to refresh a "pivot table".  I have to generate the pivot table in excel each month then replace the contents of the original sheet that is referenced by many reports. 

    Other options might be finding a third party solution. I'm pretty sure this exists but is not free.

    Would it be possible to work directly in smartsheet (cross sheet formulas maybe?) so you can avoid this entirely?  What is the process to update the exported data?  What are the changes?

    Hope this helps!