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workspace access question

Naveen Mata
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a workspace shared with another user but she is not able to create a folder in my workspace. Additionally she is not able to add a sheet in my folder either which is inside of the shared workspace. 


Is there a setting I need to change or is this how it works?



  • Couple of questions - is she an editor? Is she licensed?


    Only licensed users can 'create' - that would be a new folder/sheet. If she is licensed, she has to be at least an editor within a workspace to create.




  • Naveen Mata
    edited 03/23/16

    She is licensed and also an editor. She is able to do that in her Sheets folder but not in my workspace.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Naveen,


    Only workspace admins and the owner can add/remove/create sheets in a workspace. Also, you can only add sheets to a workspace that you are the owner of. 

  • Travis,

    you mentioned sheet in both statements, did you mean folders for one of them?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 03/23/16

    Yes sorry! I was referring to both sheets and folders. 


    Admins have control to add and remove items (reports, templates, sheets, folders, etc) in a workspace while editors only have access to edit existing items. 


    And to clarify the second statement, you have to be the owner of the sheet to add it to a workspace. 

  • First time reply and apologize if but not found a thread with solution.

    Have a custom Template in a Workspace for users with only registered user Editor rights and Manager with Admin rights.

    Is it possible for Smartsheet to add a feature when clicking "Use Template" from within the Workspace to temporarily elevate that instance to allow for the creation of the sheet in the Workspace and assume the rights in the Workspace?  As it stands, would appear to necessitate the Owner or Manager having to create an expense sheet every month for every employee.

    Looking to achieve:

    1) Users self-administer expense forms

    2) Allow Managers with Admin rights to the Workspace can approve the expense checkbox

    3) Utilize and control custom features embedded in a custom Template.

    If there is another alternative would appreciate the feedback.

    Thank-you in advance.

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