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Formula Help

Louise O'Day
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Community - Please help reduce this formula.  My IT guy did it in 5 mins, and he said its crap, but it works.  However, I now have to put it on ALL my projects and its too cumbersome.  I didn't even try to do the formula.....I am too busy Sealed


Here you go...and Happy Friday!!


Louise=Amount6 - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]19), 0, Amount19)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]27), 0, Amount27)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]43), 0, Amount43)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]49), 0, Amount49)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]54), 0, Amount54)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]56), 0, Amount56)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]58), 0, Amount58)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]59), 0, Amount59)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]60), 0, Amount60)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]61), 0, Amount61)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]62), 0, Amount62)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]63), 0, Amount63)) - (IF(ISBLANK([Date Payment Received]64), 0, Amount64))


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