conditional formatting using two date columns

Arthur A
Arthur A
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I use several date columns to track my project, for example, a start date, a finish date and an actual finish date.  I want to apply conditional formatting so that if actual finish date is not equal to finish date, meaning a task can be finished ahead of schedule or a delay, then highlight that row.  I tried conditional formatting and reports, but neither worked. 

Any suggestions welcome!



  • Hi -

    I would add a reference column in your sheet with a formula like this:

    =IF([Actual Finish date]1 = "", "", IF([Actual Finish date]1 = [Finish Date]1, "FALSE", "TRUE"))

    Then create your conditional highlighting based on the reference column. See Attached images. 

    I hope that helps you out.




  • Hi, Sean,

    I tried it and it worked -- Thank you!.  However, with over 1000 rows in a single sheet, I would like to see a sheet level mechanism that serve this purpose from Smartsheet.  For example, under "filter", I can simply show all the rows that the "actual complete date" is not equal to "finish date" by specifying this condition. Or as you said, use conditional formatting based on two date columns.

    Anyhow, thank you again, and this is helpful for small projects.