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Can I have multiple attachment fields in a web form?

James CroninJames Cronin ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts
03/29/16 Edited 12/09/19

I have a new requirement to have more than attachment field in a web form. Example: the form asks for specific budget information in one section requiring upload(s), and then in another section we would like to add an area to add receipt information. It would be OK if they are stored together in the Smartsheet when uploaded, it would make more sense in the form to separate out these fields. Is this possible?



  • TravisTravis Employee

    Hi James, 


    At this time, it is only possible to insert a single attachment field in your sheet. I do see how it would be helpful to have multiple fields and I will pass this feedback along to our Product team. 


    As a workaround, you might consider creating a section at the bottom of the form for attachments. Use a divider line and custom header to make a separate section. In each field where you need an attachment, make a note to "attach below".

  • James CroninJames Cronin ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you Travis!


  • The ability to have multiple attachments would be very helpful!

  • Hi all, just wondering if that feature could be added. Very helpful!!

  • Ugh. Yeah, just ran into this problem. Really need the ability to attach multiple files!

  • I also need the ability for my customers to upload multiple files and to have a decent upload capacity (2GB).  ShareFile creates a webform that allows up to 2GB, but does not offers the other integrated services that SmartSheet offers.

  • What about option for having attachment set for a column instead for a row ? 

  • I would agree that multiple upload fields would be helpful. While the form allows up to 10 uploads, this requires the user understand this is possible. I'm having difficulty communicating to users that they can simply hit the button again to upload an additional file.

  • How do you add the ability for a user to attach mulitple jpegs to a FORM.


  • worked it out.. how simple was that... newbie and loving it.


  • I'm also in need of multiple upload fields in one form for different categories (i.e. for different columns).

  • Hello Travis,

    I am trying to attach multiple documents to my form. It seems it allows me to just attach single file by using attachments field. How far you are in this feature since I see this is an old issue.


    Please advise.


    Thank you

  • Is there any progress with this yet?

    Attachments per column rather than per row would make more sense, the row can still combine all attachments for that row though.

  • I am also interested in this feature, wanted to bump this thread for visibility

  • Please add multiple attachment options to smartsheet forms. I am on the verge of using sharepoint apps to achieve this,. but would prefer using smartsheets as our company is already acclimated.

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