Next deliverable date based on TODAY

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Many thanks in advance to start!

For each row i have a listed task with a column called Period 1 with a date and a checkbox next to it than when checked marks the date green. Each date represents when that task is next due. Extrapolate that out across the row and i have many dates for every interval the day is due, ie once a week or 7 days, so Period 2 column has a date due and checkbox next to it and so on with is 7 days after the first date and so on.

I have a new column called Next Deliverable and i simply want this cell/column to display the next date that the item is due based on measuring todays date and the next upcoming date being the soonest out of all the of collected dates

I was testing something along the lines of the below and trying to get the earliest date out of the collected dates as long as that date is => today but couldnt get it to work.


Any help would be appreciated.


=MIN(COLLECT([Period 1]2, [Period 2]2, [Period 3]2, [Period 4]2, [Period 5]2, [Period 6]2, [Period 7]2, [Period 8]2, [Period 9]2, [Period 10]2, [Period 11]2, [Period 12]2, >TODAY))



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