New plan items: how to avoid start (and finish) dates in the past

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all - I'm a relatively new user and a little stumped figuring out how to best handle this scenario:

1) A project sheet has dependencies are enabled.

2) The project team identifies a new task they want to track; that task is ready to start (there are no dependencies).

3) The task is added to the sheet with an estimated duration. No predecessors are set.

Observed: the start and end dates auto-fill based on the duration and the first date of the project. Both are in the past. Any subsequent tasks that will be dependent on this one will be inaccurately planned.

I've done a couple of quick searches in the community and review multiple help topics but was unable to determine a best practice with Smartsheet and am a little stumped on the paradigm. Should new tasks be dependent on the date they are added somehow? It does not appear that I can force the start dates with dependencies enabled. 

Thank you,