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Using reports in Sights Metric Widget

Mehmet Kilic
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



Is there way we can use Reports within a the Metric Widget in Sights? I have a set up where I am trying to display "Counselor of the Day" in this widget, but my only option is to use the sheet as a source. When I do this, the link to the source cell is static and It only points to the cell that was initially selected. I am trying to make this a dynamic/live widget, where it would show the current dates assigned counselor.


I thought this would be a relatively easy task via report as the source, as I would filter the report to current date, but i realized I can not use reports as source in the Metric widget...Any ideas how I can accomplish this in Sights via the metric widget?


  • Daniel Stein

    Hi Mehmet,

    It sounds like the easiest way to accomplish this would be to create a new report that has only the information you need (e.g. today's date and the assigned counselor) and display it in a Report widget.


    The reason Metric widgets can't point to a report is that there isn't a good way to designate exactly which value from the report you would want to see if rows were dynamically added or removed from the report.


    Hope this helps!



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