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Sheets, or partial sheets displayed in 'Sights' dashboard

Brian Smith
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I know several of us use cell linking to creat roll-up reports of our data, but these reports cannot be displayed in a 'Sight', becase they live on a sheet, not on a report. 


Is there a way, or can i recommend a functionality, that allows for a sheet, or part of a sheet to be put into a sight for quick visibility?


Unfortunately, my report can't be displayed because it was not created as a "Report".






  • Christine Oakes
    edited 04/11/16



    You can create a Sheet Data widget in your Sight and pull in individual cells from your sheet. 



  • Sorry Brian - meant Metric Widget, not Sheet data.

  • Brian Smith

    Thanks Christine. I'm looking for something that looks like the 'report' widget, where it shows up in a grid view. 


    If I were to do a metric or sheet data widget, I would have 5 rows by 4 columns of data listed down the page (20 entries long, with no identifiable correlation between terms).



  • Brian Smith

    My workaround: 


    I have a source sheet, where I have a section at the bottom doing all of my formulas. 


    I then cell link the formulated rows, and any others that I wish to have appear on my 'sight' to a 2nd sheet. 


    From there, I create a report that reports against all cells in my 2nd sheet that 'are not blank' (essentially reporting the exact contents of my 2nd sheet - they are identical). 


    So, unfortunately this workflow requires 2 sheets, & a report in order to get the information into my 'sight'. 



  • Chuck Muirhead
    Chuck Muirhead ✭✭✭✭✭

    Brian, I feel your pain.  There is no big difference between Metric and Sheet Data widgets as they build vertically, which does not represent the sheet data I want to display, so I must create reports from various sheets and then add a report widget to the Sight.  In my case, I have to create over 270 reports in order to place 3 unique pieces of data on 90 Sight Dashboards.....I love sights already, but there is a ton of up-front work and manipulation to get items to show up as I want on the Dashboard. 



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi everyone, this is something we are looking into adding to Sights in the future and I will submit your feedback to the team working on Sights! 

  • erangak


    What is the latest status of this feature? How soon can we see this?



  • Joanna


    Would love to display a section of a Sheet instead of a Report as a Dashboard widget. Sheets give me more flexibility to do things like Indent to create child rows, and format rows/columns/cells.

    I, too, am using a workaround and as a result, I am creating duplicates to satisfy the report criteria.

  • Richard Heath
    Richard Heath ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Has there been any further movement on this? The Metric widget reconfigures the Sheet Data in a format that doesn't suit our needs. 

    Displaying a fixed range of cells from a Sheet would seem like the obvious solution.


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