COUNTIFS returning different values in Excel versus Smartsheet


I am having some trouble with creating COUNTIFS functions that reference cells across multiple sheets.

I'm trying to create an active dashboard that will reflect performance data over the following periods: month, quarter, year.

I want the COUNTIFS function to reflect the number of rows that meet the following criteria: Date in Received Date Column falls within first and last of specified month, Checkbox is checked.


I used the same data set for both instances.


In Excel the function looks like this:

=COUNTIFS('Ex-Project Load'!F:F,">=1/01/2019",'Ex-Project Load'!F:F,"<=1/31/2019",'Ex-Project Load'!J:J,"=TRUE")


In SmartSheet the function looks like this:

=COUNTIFS({Project Load F}, ">=DATE(2019,1,01), {Project Load F}, " <= DATE(2019, 1, 31), {Project Load J}, 1)

The Excel formula gives me a value of 6.

The Smartsheet formula gives me a value of 13.

When I filter the origin sheet to find the criteria for the "13" value, I got 13 rows using the following criteria:

Received Date (Project Load F) > is less than >01/31/19

Field X > is checked

So why is my ">=DATE(2019,1,01) not limiting my COUNTIF?


Any help would be much appreciated, I'm beating my head against a wall about this.


m(u - u)m

Thank youuuuuu <3<3<3



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