Change in source dashboard template after copying a folder

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

After using Save as New to copy a folder from one workspace to another, I noticed that a dashboard template in the source folder seemed to have changed in that three recently updated widgets were now indicating "Missing source sheet".  

There is no indication that this source dashboard template or the related "missing source sheet" changed in any way (e.g. source sheet still there, the last update date for these files doesn't indicate an update at the time the Save as New occurred). 

It appears that this source dashboard template may have reverted back to the prior version, but that doesn't seem to be possible from what I've read on this forum, and again, there's no last update date to indicate this. I confirmed with the person who owned the source template and related folder that they had not been doing anything at the time I was performing the Save as New process. 

I have not found a plausible reason for this change in my research. Any ideas/solutions would be appreciated. We have plans to share templates across our team, and changes in the source would be a problem. 



  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Marta,

    If the original dashboard is displaying a missing source message, it's possible the person who created the widget is no longer shared to the dashboard.

    Try having the owner edit the dashboard and then reselect the source sheet for each widget displaying this error message.