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Hi everyone! I am looking for a way (if possible) to remove the row data from the email alerts. I can create a custom message to relay only the information I want, but it adds all the row data at the end of the email. Is there a way for the alert email to ONLY send the custom message I create? I have already tried this in Alert and Reminder. Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi Shane,

    You can select which columns should be included in the message.

    Would that work?

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  • Hi

    Have you tried going into the advanced options in the alert creation window? 

    When creating an alert, to the right of the heading 'Alert someone' there are 3 vertical dots. Click the dots and then 'Advanced options' and it should take you to the 'Column visibility' page where you should be able to change the columns that are sent within the alert. 

    If you select the 'Display only these columns' checkbox and make sure all columns are unchecked the person receiving the email won't see any data. They will still see the sheet name etc. but no actual sheet data. 

    Hope this helps!