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"Processing" Today date in date range.

Good day all,


I am collecting information via a webform and need some assistance with the reporting side of things.


On the webform i am asking among other things to provide me with a startdate and a finishdate.


My aim is to have automated reporting in the backend that will check if date Today is in range of the user submitted values and then copy/paste/link/magic-fairy-dust the entire row of information the user provided to a report for automatic email distribution.


Most puzzle pieces seem to work, except the date checking and copying.


Any help would be much appreciated!



  • I'm not sure how you set up your sheet but you can use this formula in a column that would return a 0 if the dates fall outside of today's date or a 1 if today's date is within the date ranges given.

    =IF(AND(Start1 < (TODAY() + 1), [Expected Completion]1 > (TODAY() - 1)), 1, 0)

  • Use Jess's suggestion to show a 0 on rows where the date is TODAY then run a report that brings in all rows where that column has a 0. The report can be set to send via email automatically on a recurring basis. 



  • Tom Keunen
    edited 04/18/16

    @Jess Price: thank you for that formula, saved my day!

    @Dave D : The reporting part of the puzzle I already figured out but thanks for the link!

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