Fields have gone missing from the "Add Fields" in Jira Connector

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Fields that I have been pulling from Jira into my project sheets are no longer appearing in the "Add Fields" drop down menu on the "Map Jira fields to sheet columns" in new workflows.  I don't know what happened or how to get them back. 

Jira fields missing in Smartsheet.JPG


  • Nathan Lloyd


    For fields to be available for use in the Jira Connector, those fields must be present within the Create and Edit Issue Screens in your mapped Jira Projects. If you were using those fields before but they aren't appearing in any Jira Connector Workflows now, it's possible a Jira Admin made changes and removed those fields from the required Screens.

    You can read more about editing Issue Screens here:

    If that doesn't seem to explain this, please reach out to Smartsheet Support and we'll be glad to help! You can reach us at:

    If you need assistance from Smartsheet Support, I'd recommend including the following information when writing in to ensure we can get a solution for you as quickly as possible:

    • Names missing fields
    • Confirm those fields are present in the Create and Edit issue screens in Jira (provide a screenshot if possible)

    Hope that helps!




  • Jarodf
    Jarodf ✭✭


    1) Create a JIRA Project that pops up as the first JIRA Project in your Production Environment (ex: AAAAA Smartsheets Connector"

    2) Within 1 issuetype, doesn't matter, add all needed fields to the 'Create' & 'Edit' Screen.

    This solution worked for my company