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Viewing Cell History of Linked-In Cell


Our users are wanting to see real cell history on a cell that is linked in from another sheet.  If you right-click the cell, it shows the history, but the user is shown as "Cell Link User", which makes sense.


When you double-click the cell, it opens a pop-up with the sheet/cell it is linked from.  It is not possible to right-click on this pop-up to see the history by real user.  The best option would be to add the ability to view cell history in the pop-up.


If that is not possible, here is a second suggestion:  From the pop-up, you can click on "Go To Sheet", but you then have to scroll or search for the cell.  It would be better if "Go To Sheet" took you straight to the origin cell, so you can quickly right-click it to view the full history.



  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I would use both of those features.

    Please add my vote(s).


  • Dave D

    In my experience, you are brought to where the linked cell is when you click Go To Sheet. It does not put your cursor in the cell, but it is centered on your screen. Is that not the case for you?

  • Jorge Castilla

    Dave,  Thanks, you are correct, however it is not completely centered on my screen.  Our sheets contain many rows and columns, so it would be great if the cursor was placed on the cell (or even better if you right-click and view history on the link pop-up).


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good suggestion Jorge, I'll add this to our enhancement request list! 

  • cyrilp

    When viewing cell history in the destination sheet, can "Cell Link User" be replaced with the real user so that the history shows with real user and timestamp just as in the source sheet? This would really help making the destination sheet behave just like the source sheet.

    Also, there could be a toggle to allow this feature for those that want to see the real user and for those that don't want to see the real user (in which case the existing behavior that shows 'Cell Link User' is fine).


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