Resource Management Settings to Off on All Sheets

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

It seems that 500+ of our sheets have had the resource management setting on, while our account setting is disabled. 

We are now wanting to turn it on for just a few sheets. Is there a global update to turn it off on all sheets within our account? Or is this a manual process?


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Mariah,

    Resource Management can be turned off at the account level from the Account Settings form. When you turn off this feature at the account level the Resource Management option is removed from the project settings of all sheets owned by licensed users on your account.

    If Resource Management is disabled at the account level and some of the sheets you're shared too have Resource Management enabled, it's possible the sheet owner is not a part of your account. If the sheet owner is a part of your account, please reach out to our Support team to troubleshoot further. 

    I also wanted to mentioned that there currently isn't a way to turn Resource Management off at the account level while allowing it to remain enabled on some sheets. When you have a moment, submit a Product Enhancement Request to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this functionality in Smartsheet. 

    If needed, more information on this can be found in our help article: