Multiple Approvals

Stephanie Wood
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm looking for a clean, efficient way to handle multiple approvals for a row which contains comments without having a large number of columns. Up to 20-30 different people will be reviewing, sometimes 5+ for an individual row.

First thought was to create child rows and add the approvals there and I would only have to have the reviewer and approval status column. The parent row contains comments and I don't want to have to copy those comments over and over for each reviewer every time and I don't want to have them required to log into sheet to see the comments.

I can't add multiple reviewers in one cell because the first person to approve or decline prevents others from answering.

I tried setting up individual Reviewer and Approval columns but that is going to get real messy if I have a larger number of people reviewing one item (reviewer 1/reviewer 1 status, reviewer 2/reviewer 2 status, etc).

I can't seem to figure out the cleanest way to do this without copying the comments multiple times.

Does anyone have advice on how best to accomplish?