Strip Time When Linking Max Modified (Date) Cell to Column with Restrict to Dates

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi Smart Sheet Community!


I am applying a formula to a cell in our project schedule sheets that I found in a couple posts to grab the MAX value of the Modified (Date) column:


=MAX(Modified:Modified) + ""


My colleagues and I will be linking the cell with this formula from our project schedule sheets to a "Last Updated" column project intake list. That "Last Updated" column is restricted to dates only so we can apply conditional formatting that fills the cells in that column a certain color based on age. However, when we link the cells from the "Last Updated" column of our intake list to the cell in our project schedule sheets with the MAX Modified (Date) formula, the cells in our "Last Updated" column populate with the date AND time, even though that column is restricted to dates only, so our conditional formatting does not work.


Is there a way to modify the above formula to strip the time from the Modified (Date) column? If not, is there a way in the linking process to strip out the time and just bring in the date?


Thank you!



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