Providing a realtime Resource view across all sheets

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all,

I currently generate a weekly resource allocation view across all project sheets using the built-in resource reporting** (exporting to excel, importing to Smartsheet...) 

This is useful as it provide a single link with a comprehensive view that can be sorted by resource/project/role/manager etc (I use vlookup once the report is in Smartsheet to pull in resource info)

We would like to automate this, meaning keep the my Smartsheet format but have it update real-time, (rather than the report/export/import/format exercise)

Before I go off and build a resource allocation reporting system is there anyway to automatically use the built-in resource reporting in a standard Smartsheet?




**FYI I'm running into the 200 row limit in resource reporting, any plans to increase this?





  • Hi Darrell,

    I'm very certain that real-time automation is not possible in smartsheet. As an example, my supervisor requested that his Portfolio Dashboard update data real time...but we were told that was not possible.