Workflow Alert Not Working On Hyperlink Updates To a Cell

FazalurRehman ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello All

I love workflow alerts, they take care of so much emailing I had to do myself before

But one variation is not working. Maybe it is just me but if anyone else also experienced same please add here.

I have workflow set to alert a number of users when a row changes.

This rule works fine for almost every change but when a hyperlink value to a cell in the row is changed then this workflow alert is not working.

To make sure that this problem is real I made a change to hyperlink value in a cell then saved the file. No alert came to my assigned alert user accounts. After a few minutes, I added a comment (I have another workflow alert in the same sheet to alert users when any comment is added) . The alert email came. It is worth noting that changes to hyperlink value from no hyperlink value to hyperlink value assigned to a cell, did produce the alert email. But if any existing hyperlink is changed (which means the row is changed) there is no alert generated and this is a BIG problem actually.

Can this be fixed please.

Kind regards