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Alerts & Notifications


Hello all,

I'm trying to build a sheet that notifies the right person when certain new records are entered (e.g. alert Person X when a new record is entered that has a certain column equal to ABC). In reading through some of the posts, I understand that "conditional alerts" aren't developed yet so I'm looking for other ways to accomplish the same end result.


In my scenario, I need a different person alerted immediately when a new record is entered, depending on what building name they enter into a certain column. For example, if Building X is entered, then Molly needs to be informed, if Building Y is entered, Fred needs to be informed, etc. These alerts need to happen immediately because we have to respond to the entry within 1 hour.


Since I can't think of a way to do this all within the same sheet, I'm thinking of building a different sheet per building (there's only 3 buildings so it's not that much work), each with it's own webform so users can add new entries. I can default the building name to the appropriate building and hide that field in the webform, then set up an Alert to inform that one person every time a new entry comes in. BUT here's my question - I know you can link cells from one sheet to another but can you link sheets so that multiple sheets merge into one master sheet? If I link a certain field, that one field will update when it's value is changed in the source sheet but how would you link a row so that when a new entry is put into Sheet A, it automatically comes over to the Master Sheet (keeping in mind that when a new entry goes into Sheet B, that needs to come over to the Master Sheet too).


Has anyone tried to automatically merge sheets like this? Worst-case scenario, I have 3 independent sheets but I'd like to have one master sheet if at all possible.



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