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I have a formula that works perfectly in Excel but I can not get it to work in Smartsheets. I am having issues finding corresponding functions in Smartsheets. This is the formula and screenshots show what I am getting from them.


Any ideas?

Screen Shot 05-30-19 at 02.31 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 05-30-19 at 02.40 PM.PNG


  • Mike WildayMike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here is a link to the list of available smartsheet functions. YEARFRAC is not on the list.

  • As Mike said - there is not an equivalent function in Smartsheet - You could consider this as a workaround:

    =IF(NETDAYS([Date of Birth]@row, [Last Patient Visit Date]3) / 360 > 9, DATE(YEAR([Last Patient Visit Date]@row) + 10, MONTH([Last Patient Visit Date]@row), DAY([Last Patient Visit Date]@row)), DATE(YEAR([Date of Birth]@row) + 19, MONTH([Date of Birth]@row), DAY([Date of Birth]@row)))

    I hope this helps you out?




  • Hello Sean,

    This formula worked out perfectly. Great job!!! Thank you very much.

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