Has anyone had issues with the strategic support team?

In March we were moved off of the customer success team that was supporting us to a "strategic" support team out of the UK. We have people in all time zones in the US using the product with the largest group being out of MST. They are good about accommodating the time zone difference, but since the move, the level of customer service that I once thought was stellar has gone significantly. Response times to questions and product level knowledge does not seem to be par to what we used to receive from our east coast support team. I have mentioned this to the old team as well as the new "strategic" team with little to no change. To top it off, the people we are working with are always out of the office traveling or on holiday. We would love to go back to the old account manager and customer success team, but we were told we can't. 

Has anyone else experienced this type of move and any sort of change in their level or quality of support? 




  • Hi Suzanne,

    I'm sorry to hear that your recent experience with Smartsheet hasn't met your expectations.  As a next step, I will contact you directly so that we can discuss over the phone.  I'd like to learn more about your recent interactions with our team and how I can ensure a positive experience moving forward.


    Kelsey Soriano

    Manager of Customer Success, Strategic Accounts