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Anyone else's sheets not filtering since May 7th release

Gary Maddren
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Our reports are no longer filtering on key fields like status and priorities.  We noticed it on Monday May 9th and everything was working fine May 6th. 

Makes our reports contain alot of past items as now not filtering out complete tasks.


Anyone else seeing their report sheets not working right this week?



  • I've noticed for the last two weeks or so that not only is my report not sorting properly but also it is including rows that should have dropped out or dropping rows that should be included. If I go back to my Master sheet and enter data into the cells that the report is sorting on, save it, and then add the correct data to the cells, save it, the report refreshes correctly.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Gary, there was an issue earlier this week that caused issues with some users reports. This has been resolved - if you are still experiencing issues, please email support@smartsheet.com.


    Raquel, if you have had issues for a couple weeks, please email support@smartsheet.com and they can help troubleshoot. 



  • Gary Maddren

    Yes got a note from Technical support that they re-indexed our reports and it corrected the issues we were having.  They said they were working on a background issue that caused it so good to know it is done.



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