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Katherine F
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Hello - The manufacturing site I work at uses Smartsheet to track site priorities.  I would like to do resource loading analysis, similar to the functionality that is available in Microsoft Project.  However, to do that all resources must have a business license before they show up on the resource list.  This is cost prohibitive.  Is there a way to do resource loading that does not require all resources to be signed up with a business license? 


  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi Katherine,

    You can export the resource view to excel if that helps?

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  • Amanda Merrigan
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    We are currently tracking resources that are not licensed users. Have you tried creating a resource without a license? Just add a new user (uncheck all permissions) with the name that you want and use a fake email address. ie, we have created a resource to track our rebar cutting. The user is "REBAR" and the email address is "rebar(at)". We are still in the setup phase, but so far that works for us. You should be able to create real people/email addresses in there as well, but just make sure they aren't licensed.

    I'm not sure what account we have, or what a business license is though - that could be the difference. But hope this helps you! Good luck!