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VioletB ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi I am fairly new to Smartsheet (3 whole days)

2 questions.

I have a dropdown box titled 'Finding Rating' with 3 values: Conformance, Minor Conformance and Major Conformance.

1.Needed a count of each type (so i  can create a graphs, on dashboard), I created another 3 columns titled  Conformance, Minor Conformance and Major Conformance.and then copy/pasted respective findings ie conformance to conformance table. I used  =COUNTIF(Conformance3:Conformance92, "Conformance")

Is there another way to create a count? Can I create a count on the dropdown fox column?

2. Instead of doing a copy/paste to each cell, is there a formula that can pickup from my dropdown box and add to respective 3 new columns? have tried several functions but they all come back with an error.


thank you





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