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What is wrong with this formula in totaling in parent row?

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I have a parent row I just can not get to toal the "Win Ratio" (it is a percent) if there is a ZERO in one of the child rows! It is driving me crazy! 


The colums are:

Phone Calls | Accts Created | Win Ratio


The Daily formula works even when there is a ZERO in it... I am using this:

=IF(AND(ISNUMBER([Phone Calls]18), ISNUMBER([Accts Created]18)), [Accts Created]18 / [Phone Calls]18)

For example:  40 Phone Calls with  20 Accts Created is a Win Ratio of 50%  


I am just wanting the TOTAL of the "Win Ratio" in the Parent Row to work ( it is 7 rows Sun thru Sat) and until the last day is entered it is giving me a error in the parent row total  

I am using this:(NOT WORKING)

=IF(AND(ISNUMBER([Win Ratio]17:[Win Ratio]23), ISNUMBER([Win Ratio]17:[Win Ratio]23)), AVG([Win Ratio]17:[Win Ratio]23))


is it becuse it is a % or should it be sum?  I tried them all!  I would prefer it is the average of what has been accomplised otherwise the "win ratio" for the week will be wrong until the last day is entered.  but if thats not possible at least an error free "win ratio" % total would be nice ;)


Thank you in advance for any help from you smart ones out there ;)


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