Drag Down Predecessor Formula to change with rows?

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So I have created predecessor formulas but when I drag them down or copy and paste them to another set of rows down below they still refer to the first rows while I want them to refer to the new rows but in the same order.


For example,

If on row 6 I have the formula 5FF+6D, I want to be able to copy and paste it to row 19 and change the formula to 18FF+6D. Instead the formula is still 5FF+6D.


Does anybody know how to get around this issue?




  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee


    When you copy a cell, the value will not change when it's pasted. An alternative to copying and pasting is to use the drag-fill method. I would suggest applying a filter to the sheet so that only the rows requiring the same predecessor are visible and then drag filling the predecessor down the column.

    If the rows don't have anything in common that you easily use as a criteria for your filter, I'd suggest creating a checkbox column and then creating a filter that will display only the rows where the checkbox column is checked (you could hide the column later).

    If needed, more information on these topics can be found here:


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