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Sight - Report Widget

Abdul Khan
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi All,

I have a report with list of names in one of the column, I have linked the names to their respective sheets, the link shows in the report and works fine but when I pull this report in Sight thru Report Widget, link disappears.  Edit Interaction in Configure Report Widget can link to only a single sheet , multiple sheets cannot be linked as per the names in the list. Is there any smart work around other than Metric Widget which is not helpful in my scenario as I have 10 columns in a report which cannot be covered or formatted in Metric Widget.


Appreciate your help.







  • Daniel Stein

    Hi Abdul,


    Hyperlinks directly to sheets don't currently show up in the Report widget -- this is a known issue that we are looking into.


    In the meantime, hyperlinks to URLs do work in Report widgets. So in this case, you could work around the issue by grabbing the secure sheet link URLs and hyperlinking to those from the cells.


    Alternatively, you could set the widget interaction to go to the source report. Users could click to go to the source report, then click again on any row to follow the link.


    Hope this helps!

  • Abdul Khan

    Thanks Daniel,

    Hyperlink to URLs are great work around as I tried second option widget interaction to the source report but users didnt like it.


    Excellent solution.




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