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Row Formatting Help

For some reason my rows are not aligned.  Smartsheet used to auto-correct this issue, but for some reason it is not correcting it now.  I tried refreshing, logging out, etc.. Nothing changed it.  Please help.  Thanks.













  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I have seen that using Chrome and have the viewed zoomed to non-100%.



  • Kennedy Stomps
    Kennedy Stomps Employee
    edited 05/31/16

    Hi Kristopher, though I wasn't able to see the picture you attached, I've seen row formatting issues occur for a few reasons. The first is browser zoom, which Craig mentioned above. The other can be conflicts with browser extensions. Try disabling all browser extensions to see if that helps.


    Additionally, this might occur if your internet connection is slow or in certain browsers, like IE, especially when working with large sheets. If you aren't using Google Chrome with Smartsheet already, I'd definitely suggest trying that out, as it's proven to provide the fastest performance with the application.


    You might also check on the size of the sheet--if it's particularly large (close to 5000 rows/200 columns/200,00 cells) or has lots of formulas or conditional formatting, you can experience some slowness that may result in appearance issues. In this case, you'll want to see if you can break up the sheet or reduce the use of formulas or conditional formatting and see if that helps.

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