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Modify Calendar View?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm trying to take a list of dates and associated activities - potentially up to 15 per day -- and display them in a calendar format...either traditional or agenda layout.   I have curriculum maps -- material we will cover each day for 6-8 weeks - listed out in spreadsheet format and then want to turn that into something more " consumable" -- a clean report or calendar. 


When I convert the spreasheet into Calendar, there are too many items in a single day and the words get cut off. See blelow..




Any help would be appreciated....


  • --Is there a way to open up the columns so the titles fit? 
  • --Or adjust the days -- no Sunday or Saturday? 
  • --Or create an Agenda view? 

NOTE: I cannot use Google Calendar as a companion, but can use Outlook or Exchange.



smartsheet calendar too long.PNG


  • Kate French

    Hi Dina,


    There's not currently a way to automatically widen the calendar day column or cause the calendar event text to wrap to a new line. You can, however, publish your Smartsheet calendar to Outlook - once the calendar has been published, you can use Outlook to adjust the view to an Agenda and any other Outlook-specific formatting. For more information on publishing to Outlook calendars, check out the Help Center here: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/775707


    I've also added your vote for a way to expand the calendar event text to show the full content, and the ability to adjust the calendar view into more formats (specifically weekly, daily, and workweek-only views) to our enhancement request list. Thanks for your input!

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