HELP - Nested IF Statement

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Having trouble with the nested if statement.  I made sure to spell my columns EXACTLY as they are on the sheet.

First, here is my criteria:

1) If Dev Mgr Approval is Submitted, then show Pending Mgr Approval

2) If Dev Mgr Approval is Declined, then show Declined

3) If BOT Approval Req? is Yes, then show Pending BOT Approval

4) If PC RFA Application Number is greater than 0, then show Complete/Archived.

5) If none of the above, then show In Process.


Here is my formula, but getting the #UNPARSEABLE error:

=IF(([Dev Mgr Approval]1 = "Submitted", "Pending Mgr Approval", IF([Dev Mgr Approval]1 = "Declined", "Declined", IF([BOT Approval Req?]1 = "Yes", "Pending BOT Approval", IF([PC RFA Application Number]1 > 0, "Complete/Archived", "In Process")))))

Where am I going wrong?

Thanks all!