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Linked Resource Allocation Overview Sheet

Thor Leach
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm trying to create an automatically updated linked overview sheet to help my team to better visualize how their task assignements on various projects sometimes overlap. The resource views provided by the Smartsheet Resource view are just not that easy for the team members to parse and so they never use it... The "angry little red men" that are generated by the resource view provide some indication of overlapping task assignements, but they just aren't provideing the sort of comprehensive visual overview the we would like.


I've tried linking rows to other sheets, and I've tried adding department columns and running reports and nothering is giving me quite what I'm looking for.



Basically, I'm looking for something like the Content Department resource allocation pictured above (created in photoshop). And I'm interested in having the sheet linked to the project sheets in such a way that as the sheet updates, the dates and overlaps in the overview sheet are updated.



Project Based Resource Allocation 2.jpg


  • Thor Leach

    P.S. I'd also like the Design and Production rows to have the same sort of resource allocation that the Content row does, but I didn't feel like spending any more time on it.

  • Kate French
    edited 06/06/16

    Hi Thor,


    While there's not a way to achieve this type of functionality within Smartsheet currently, I've added your vote for this to our Enhancement Reuqest list. I've also passed your mockup on to our Product Team - we love to see how our customers would like to use Smartsheet! Thank for your feedback!



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