Date and/or time stamp solution

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We use Smartsheet in many wonderful ways but, in my opinion, the lack of a method to easily lock a cell with a date and/or time stamp is an open door for a competitors raid. A few years ago, I left Smartsheet because images could not be exported with line item details and there was no "key" to associate with a file export. I'm now using Smartsheet with another company and find that the customized date and time stamp does not appear to be an easy option with Smartsheet. For example, I would like to create a row that includes a cell for company name. Upon leaving that populated cell with a tab, I would like the next cell to populate with the name of the row creator. Upon leaving that cell, I would like to have the next cell populate with a "fixed" today's date. Then I would like to tab to the next right cell and have that cell populate with a "fixed" date and time upon "mouse click" or some trigger that leaves the cursor on the same row. The next cell to the right (and more as needed) would be another duplicate of same. This then allows for multiple columns of "fixed" time stamped data. Other same row cells (fields) would be made to populate in other Smartsheet ways. As I think about it, this may be a modified version of an employee time clock system that allows for customization of the data to be used in other non-employee ways. I believe I will get there, sooner or later, but getting there sooner would be great. Any ideas? I am a newby with Javascript and Python, so my getting there sooner will likely turn out to be later. I'm also a retiree trying to leave a few crumbs of life's experiences on the floor. As you know, problem solving can work better when automated inputs help minimize the "garbage in, garbage out" syndrome. Thanks for your opinions. 


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