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combining project plans and task lists


I am working on a fairly complex project plan with a large team. To keep track of miscellenous tasks, we also have a tasklist ( all in Smartsheet, of course ). The idea was that there are often many misc small tasks  that dont have precise start/stop dates, categories or dependencies, and really don't belong on a project plan.


In practice of course, there is some overlap. It seems like cell linking from an important task in the task list to the Smartsheet might be one approach to manage overlap and dependencies. Another might just be using hierarchy to bury unimportant stuff in the project plan so everything is in there without being overwhelming, but that would break the simple task list view people like. 


I'm curious what approach others have taken in managing large projects with a large team of people and a mix of misc tasks and higher level project goals. 




  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Mike

    this is a regular need for many companiesso you are not on your own. What could work for you, is to keep all your Project tasks together on a Project sheet,  then have another sheet that contains miscellaneous tasks, recurring tasks etc  with dates and status where relevant.

    Then you can manage them separately OR bring them together in a combined Report, or set of Reports, one for each Team or Person. Just be careful to name your columns EXACTLY the same on both sheets for the Report to combine rows/tasks from both types of sheet. 

    There are other ways, but that works for many, happy to offer a free initial consultation if you feel you need some help with your workflow designs? 

    Just keep in mind that if your team are not delighted with the Workflow outcome, you need to work more on the design. 

    Good luck RichardR 

  • Adam Haylock

    We have something very similar at Aylesbury Vale District Council running a large commercial project and we also use reports to pull it all together.  And in fact the report is what drives our weekly project meetings.

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