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Colour coding tasks in the calendar view, from gantt view.

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I have a  list of tasks that are repeated every month. Is there a way to colour code these in the gantt or grid view, so they show in that colour when I turn it to calendar view?


I'm currently manually updating the colours in calendar view but with 1000+ tasks to do this for, it's pretty onerous.




  • Hi,

    You can use conditional formatting. I use this a lot and makes the calendar view visually pleasing. Just make sure that you go by priority, whichever rule is at the top takes precedence. 


    In conditional formatting you can select 'task name' and set a colour under the 'this format' for gantt view, which will show up in both the gantt view/calendar.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.43.21 AM.png

  • HB

    Thanks. That solution works for about half of my tasks. The problem I face now is that the colour coding shows in project view but is still not displaying in calendar view.

    Does it automatically flow through to that view once you set the conditional formating?

  • On mine they come right through, so tasks are the same colour on the gantt and the calendar views. Ive also found that milestone colours can be changed for calendar view.

  • HB

    great, thank you.

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