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How to track old inquires? New disscussion/attachment dont change modified date

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I have a sheet where each new inquiry is recorded in new row. I created new report (based on modified column) showing inquires not modified for more than 30days, (because after 30 days we want to identify and contact inactive clients).


Problem is, if I enter new discussion / attachment (usually saved through outlook app, because it is easy to update e-maildiscussion) modified date is not changed for this client and repot identifies this client as inactive (not changed for more than 30days).




How can I track clients without any modifications in last 30 days (this means also without any new discussion / attachment)?




Can I help with formulas or…?



  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Attachments and Discussions do not show up as a change to the row, so the Modified columns do not get updated. You may also notice that you are not required to save the sheet after adding or deleting these either -- so the save / store mechanism is different than I would have suspected.


    Here is a horrible horrible hack:

    (This may actually work depending on the number of clients being tracked)


    Add a column: "Toggle Client" as a checkbox.

    The actual value of the checkbox is not important, only the change from checked-to-unchecked or unchecked-to-checked.


    The Alert Notification feature can be used to send an email when the Attachments or Discussions (only) are updated.

    When they are, go in an check or uncheck the box.


    This will update the row as if the client had done it.


    Not pretty, but functional.



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