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If statement for checkboxes

Katlyn Lawver
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hey everyone,


     I have project schedules with milestones that have associated tasks for each.  (i.e. releasing a drawing set includes getting it stamped, sending to subcontractors, etc).  I would like to make the tasks a checklist that would populate the percent complete (instead of a harvey ball), using a formula.  Has anyone done this?




  • Atus Bartal
    Atus Bartal ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 06/23/16


    I use something like you are writing about in a row where I have 6 to 8 checkboxes (in 6 to 8 checkbox columns). 

    Let's say you have 10 columns, Check1 to Check10, then the formula is for the first row:

    =COUNTIF([Check1]1:[Check10]1, 1)/10

    Are these "milestones" in one row or in different ones? 



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