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Show tasks in Ressource View

Anders Bøgh
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

In the Ressource View one can see allocations across sheets and one can click the little triangle beside each User to see allocations on each sheet.


It would be a BIG improvement if one could fold down each sheet as well to see task allocations. So on the above I could see the tasks on Project Sheet A that Sally Smart was assigned to.


Larger projects often have hundreds of tasks and right now one have to go to Project Sheet A, Filter the Assigned To column to find the tasks Sally is assigned to before one can see which tasks she's on. But then one can't see the tasks assigned to her on Project Sheet B.


So it's a lot of work to go to each sheet to see all the tasks she's assigned to, to find the task one can best assign to another when she's over allocated.


As I see it, quite an easy fix, but a BIG improvement to your Ressource View!



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