RYG Symbols in Child rows to update parent row

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I am looking to populate the status of parent row to symbol: Red, Green, Yellow

Parent Row:

Red Symbol = If ALL child rows are red symbols

Yellow Symbol = If ONE of child row is yellow or green or all child rows yellow (child row may contain red)

Green Symbol - If ALL child rows are green


I created this formula but when all is yellow or few rows have a mix of green and yellow, the parent is turning "red".  Where I want the parent to turn yellow, when rows have mix colors (Red, Yellow, and/or Green). 

Can someone please help me resolve this?


=IF(AND(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status1), "Yellow") = 0, COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status1), "Red") = 0), "Green", IF(AND(COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status1), "Green") > 0, COUNTIF(CHILDREN(Status1), "Yellow") = 1), "Yellow", "Red"))



ScreenCapture of Status1.PNG


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