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Export to MS Project (XML) - Greyed out

Shane Bowman
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

The function - Export to MS Project (XML) - is no longer working


Has it been taken out of my subscription and have to upgrade or someting?


  • Jason
    Jason Employee
    edited 06/30/16


    MS Project export is tied to view. Switch to gantt view and try to export it again, the option should be enabled. 


    Hope this helps. 



  • I'm having the issue of an error message when I try to export a sheet to XML. It states: "An error has occured while exporting your data. Please wait 60 seconds to try again and contact Smartsheet.com if the error is not resolved".

    Have you seen this error before?

    Region Capture.jpg

  • Alison
    Alison Employee

    Hello Joel,

    Thanks for this question.  I've found this to occur when the Contact List column in your sheet is not named "Assigned To."

    After changing the Contact List column to read "Assigned To," I was able to export.  I've checked with our Development team and they have confirmed that this is a bug; I've made sure to report it to them to let them know that it has affected you as well.

    Due to the large number of variables they have to consider when choosing what to develop next, we can't confirm when this will be fixed, but I have let them know.

    Kind regards,


    Smartsheet Support

  • Hello Smartsheet,

    I am still having this issue even though my column is named Assigned To. Error messages has a bit more than initially reported. Any updates on this one? Does it only happen if you are an editor - cannot share to a sheet and you do not own the Smartsheet account?


    Please advise and many thanks,



  • Thank you. This helped.

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