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Link to static cell in dynamic sheet?

Walter Day
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I’m trying to figure out if a feature I’m looking for is available with Smartsheet. I have several Smartsheets, each with their own forms, for recording inspection results of various elements in a warehouse. Each time an entry is created in the form, a row is added to the top of the sheet with the user, date created, and the information the user put on the form. I want cells in a master sheet to keep track of the newest creation dates, and a due date next to those which will be set as a reminder to email the team if a due date is reached. I’ve included a picture of the master sheet for reference. Basically, I want the "Last Performed" column in the picture to link to the appropriate cell, which will always be in Row 1 of the corresponding sheet. any help you guys can provide would be appreciated.





  • Greg Gates
    Greg Gates ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can do this, but not automatically (at least not to my knowledge). If you right-click on the cell, you can click "Link from Cell in Other Sheet..." Then, choose the cell you from your desired sheet. This will automatically populate this cell in the master sheet with the same value. If someone ever edits/updates the date on the inspection sheet, it will automatically update the value here on the master!


    If, instead, you were looking to pull this value by writing a formula that automatically grabs it from the sheet listed in the EHS Inspections column, I don't think that's possible. To my knowledge, Smartsheets can't access a dfferent sheet inside of a formula. I hope that helps!

  • Walter Day
    edited 07/05/16

    Hi Greg and thanks for your update. I guess I forgot I had already posted about this, so I just created a new question, but yeah it's the formula I want (I tested with cell linking, and it doesn't do quite what I want). The problem is that I am trying to update the master sheet automatically, and because inspections are added to their respective sheets (not updated) I would have to go in each day/week/month and change the cell link to the newest one, which I am trying to avoid. Thanks for your input, and hopefully SS finds a way to make this happen. Surely I'm not the only user who would like this functionality...

  • Walter Day

    Here's a workaround provided by another user as a response to the question I posted this morning: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/formula-reference-cell-another-sheet

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