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Is there a way to create a template of the field mappings for the jira connector?  We would like to establish a standard mapping for a set of our projects and we are looking for a way to either clone an existing workflow or upload a template.


  • Nathan Lloyd
    Nathan Lloyd Employee
    edited 08/01/19

    HI Joanne,

    At the moment there isn't a way to create field mapping templates or clone workflows within the Jira Connector. Please submit an Enhancement Request for this.

    As a workaround, the default fields that appear when you create a new workflow will auto map if the sheet you select which contains columns with matching field names.

    If the default fields that appear during workflow creation (Issue Type, Summary, Assignee, etc.) are ones you use commonly, you might consider creating a template in Smartsheet that includes those fields as columns. When you want to create a new workflow, create a new sheet off of this template, and select that new sheet during the workflow setup. The existing columns for the default fields you include should auto map.

    Note that this won't work for all fields from your Jira Project, but may help in making the workflow setup process a bit quicker.

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards,

    Nathan L.