Using Auto-Generated Fields in Formulas Successfully

Hannah Johnson
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I have a sheet which tracks all a department's projects.  We are making improvements which required us to create a new version of it by copying from a previous version (save as new) which meant that the auto-generated "created" date all the sudden became the date I made the new file, rather than the date the actual project was entered.  I have created a "parallel" column next to it and pasted the original data in, leaving me with two columns of dates, one of which is auto-generated. 

I need a formula which creates in a new column the right date - e.g. IF there is a date in the "Actual" (e.g. pasted from the old version) column, display that date. If there isn't a date, then pull from the auto "created" date column. 

I keep getting an "Invalid Column Value" error.  How can I get around this and pull the "right" date for each project? 

Here's what I have come to thus far... 

=IF(ISBLANK([Actual Creation Date]1), Created1, [Actual Creation Date]1)

                       This is from the old doc     new doc    old doc




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