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Helpful if Date format has letters in it

Robert Poddar
Robert Poddar ✭✭
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I am working on a project wherein a part of the development team in India and other part in the US. I initially had my Language (Country) setting as "English (India)", but this date format caused confusion for the team which are in the US, since it is based on dd/mm/yy whereas the US is used to mm/dd/yy. For example, 1st July 2016 in India is (01/07/16), whereas this is interpreted by the team in the US as 7th January 2016.


It will be helpful if you provide an option as 1-Jul-16 or Jul-1-16, so that this erases any confusion in the date being displayed.





  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Robert-- Thanks for this input! I've added your vote for this date format to our enhancement request list. Our developers will consider this for a future update. We appreciate your input!

  • Robert Poddar

    Hi Kennedy, 


    Thanks for your feedback. Awaiting the release which will have this feature :).. 




  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can add an ISO-Date column and determine it yourself.


     =YEAR(Date23) + IF(MONTH(Date23) < 10, "-0" + MONTH(Date23), "-" + MONTH(Date23)) + IF(DAY(Date23) < 10, "-0" + DAY(Date23), "-" + DAY(Date23))


    for row 23.


    unfortunately, this is text only - just remember to feed your project dates and Alerts off the actual date column.


    You could expand if MONTH() to provide the text for the month, of course.

    Depending on how many rows you have, you may notice the performance slowing.


    I hope this helps.




     EDIT: ISO 8601: 






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