Workflow notifications

I have created 2 workflows as pictured below. The first workflow is for "is not one of" and the second workflow is for "is one of." 

Based on the parameters, the "is not one of" workflow should not have gone off today and the "is one of" should have, but instead "is one of" did not work and "is not one off" sent the notification but the notification send the information for "is one of." 

I had these working in the past and did not change anything. Any ideas?

*Edit (8/5/19 1:34 p.m.)* Several of my workflows that previously worked, are having issues since the outage. I don't know how they would be connected, but I have not edited the workflows since that time and am now having issues. 

Is not one of - for tier 2.png

is one of tier 1.png