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Auto-increment a new form entry if it matches an existing name


My team is using Smartsheet to track interactions with our customers on Facebook. To keep a record of the interactions, we're using a form to populate a sheet with the data (time, date, sentiment, that sort of thing).


I'd like to find a way to automate one of the questions in the form - how many times we've interacted with that customer to date.


Basically, is it possible to use a nested IF formula in a "no. of interactions" column to check for matches in a "name" column and return a number based on how many matches it finds?


  • Etienne Desbiens

    So basically, you would like one cell to give you the amount of interaction with one specific customer (chose by writing his name in another column)?

    I used this formula :
    =COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), nom1)
    If all your document is indented under a parent name, you can do the same. Else, I used this : =COUNTIF(nom:nom, nom1) - 1

    Hope it helps,

    Étienne Desbiens


  • Dermot McGuire
    edited 07/11/16

    Hi Etienne, that's got it - thanks very much!


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